Catering Services

Meat Platter - Tenderloin Meat & Sausage - Meat Winnipeg, Manitoba


Please give at least 2 days notice.
Small Platters: $37.99 each plus tax (feeds 10 people)
Large Platters: $48.99 each plus tax (feeds 15 people)
Oversize Platters: $71.99 each plus tax (feeds 25 people)
Platters have three types of our store made smoked meats: Coarse or Fine Garlic Sausage, Salami, and Ham Sausage.
For cheese there is a choice of Marble or Medium Bothwell cheese, either cubed or sliced.

Meat - Tenderloin Meat & Sausage - Kielbasa Winnipeg, Manitoba

Deli Tray - Tenderloin Meat & Sausage - Sausage Winnipeg, Manitoba

Social Packages

Please give a week notice. Advance payment is required for social packs.
Social orders must be in increments of 25 people: 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, etc.
For orders of 25, 50, or 75 people the cost is $3.00 per person plus tax.
For orders of 100 people or more the cost is $2.80 per person plus tax.
The cost to platter a social pack is $20 per 25 people, plus tax.

Social packages come with three types of our store made meats: Garlic Sausage (Coarse or Fine), Wally’s Salami, and Ham Sausage. Cheese is cubed Bothwell Medium or Marble. All meat and cheese comes bulk vacuum sealed, unless you pay for plattering. The package also includes Old Dutch Original Ripple Potato Chips, Rye Bread (KUB or City Bread), Elmans Pickles, disposable plates, and napkins.

To place an order for your upcoming event, please call 204-582-2280 ext. 0!